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Register Success (, a division of OnYourMark, LLC, specializes in search engine optimization, copywriting, submission, pay-per-click management and search engine ranking monitoring. Register Success can customize a professional search engine registration program just for you!

DIY Submit ( is a search engine submission management tool created by OnYourMark, LLC. We tried many third-party registration tools and software before deciding to make our own. Many existing tools require constant purchases of upgrades to use the most current list of search engines available. Often these tools use outdated or banned techniques to submit sites, including automated submissions. After creating our own registation tool and enjoying great results, we began offering it to the general public.

DIY Submit allows you to submit your website to the search engines yourself! The DIY Submit tool walks you through the submission process, from optimizing your website, selecting search engines and submitting. You control how your website is submitted, and where it is submitted to. Because DIY Submit’s submission process is manual, you don’t have to worry about the risks associated with automated search engine submission software.

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Our consultants can educate you about Open Source Computing and the Open Source Community. For HELP with your Open Source Solution Contact Us online or call 800-747-3399.

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