Professional Services

ProgrammerHELP provides a full range of professional services that make your Open Source Solution Fast, Easy, Effective, and Affordable.

For all divisions of OnYourMark, LLC, our pricing philosphy is: “We would rather have a 20 year relationship with you than an additional $20/hr.” In other words, if you have a recurring monthly with us, our service fees have a discount.

Consulting Services

ProgrammerHELP can analyze your situation, investigate Free Software released under the GNU/GPL license, and recommend an Open Source Solution that will meet your needs.

Website Development Services

ProgrammerHELP can develop your website with our full complement of web design and production services. If you need help deploying your Open Source Application, we can respond with experts that are also part of the Open Source community. We have created websites for clients in many industries in the Milwaukee area and throughout the United States.

Programming Services

ProgrammerHELP offers a variety of open source programming services including PHP, MySQL, Perl, mod_Perl, and Python.

Hosting Services

Once your website is completed, there is no need to search for a place to “park” it. At ProgrammerHELP we provide Hosting, Milwaukee Colocation, and Facilities Management services based upon your needs.

Internet Marketing Services

Our technical expertise is backed by over 20 years of marketing experience. We can increase your odds of success with a variety of Internet marketing services from other divisions of OnYourMark, LLC and from our business partners. These include Search Engine Registration, E-mail Marketing, On-line Chat, Lead Generation, and more. See Internet Tools for more.

Programmer Help for You!

Our consultants can educate you about Open Source Computing and the Open Source Community. For HELP with your Open Source Solution Contact Us online or call 800-747-3399.

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