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ProgrammerHELP is a Wisconsin based web presence provider specializing in Open Source Solutions.

shutterstock_65777758The term Open Source applies to software that can be copied, modified and distributed without any fee and with few restrictions. Popular open source software, such as the Linux operating system, is continuously maintained and improved by large communities of developers who share information, code and suggestions. The freedom to examine, modify and re-use source code helps to enhance the quality of open source software and accelerate the rate of development. – VA (owner of Sourceforge)

In addition, Open Source has become synonymous with Open Standards. Open Standards allow different components from different sources to be plug-in compatible. This provides flexibility and freedom from a single source provider.

If you do not have access to an Open Source expert, you are going to miss out on some of the most cost effective, robust, and secure solutions available today. ProgrammerHELP can provide you with those services – covering all aspects of an Open Source Solution for you including evaluation, development and implementation.

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