Business Models

ProgrammerHELP can not only implement an Open Source Solution that meets the needs of YOUR business, but provide the necessary infrastructure services that can meet any demand:

  • Host: We can host your solution on our cluster of Open SourceServers. With no equipment outlay this may be the least expensive service to get your business onto the web. Just let us host your website until business growth requires a change.
  • Colocate: We can provide colocation servicesfor your Open Source Server within our facility. Whether your business grows beyond the capacity of a shared server or your requirements are just a bit “out of the box,” you can have your own server without the hassle of creating a secured location within your own facility.
  • Manage: We can manage your Open Source Server. Whether your server is located within your facility, our facility, or even another colocation facility, we can manage the day-to-day technical operation of your server. Our Open Source technical consultants can maximize your online business up-time.

Programmer Help for You!

Our consultants can educate you about Open Source Computing and the Open Source Community. For HELP with your Open Source Solution Contact Us online or call 800-747-3399.

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